Computerized Manufacturing & Machining Photo Gallery

The following are program photos of student activity at the Computerized Manufacturing & Machining Program at the Danville Campus. We consistently try to take photos and place new activity snap shops on this web site, so keep a watch out for our new activities.


Interactive Manufacturing Workshop for High School Students

Interactive Manufacturing Workshop for High School Students The Computerized Manufacturing Program at the Danville Extension decided to host interactive workshops for HS programs. The workshop intent was to inform and educate the HS population on new manufacturing processes and the great opportunities for students to continue their education in a state of the art facility training on the latest technology like CNC Waterjet machines. The CMM program during 09/10 school year has hosted 4 interactive workshops which included 88 High school students and good number of HS faculty. The workshops began each day with a HS student receiving a raw piece of stock and a schedule of processes to go through in making that raw piece of stock into a finished product they take home with them. We provided college mentor students at a variety of workstation to assist each HS student in that machining task and to help explain what and why that process is necessary. The equipment and technology used during the day where items like: CNC Turning Center, CNC Machining Center, CNC Conversational Mills, Sinker EDM's, Conventional machines and of CNC Waterjet Machine. The Waterjet Machine was a new technology that was funded by a recent NSF grant. The activities were a great success according to the student evaluation each filled out. We believe the students came away with a better understanding of how their current HS classes apply to manufacturing and what they can expect to see in the manufacturing field. The CMM program at Danville has every intention on continue to provide these workshops throughout the year for HS programs, so if interested contact the CMM department at (859) 246-6890 to make an appointment.