Request GPA Recalculation

College/School Begin Date (MM/DD/YYYY) End Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

I am electing to have my GPA Recalculated as:

  • I am not eligible to declare academic bankruptcy according to the BCTC or the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) policy because previous coursework was earned outside of BCTC or KCTCS.
  • I have had at least a two year break between previous outside college work (i.e. the work I do not want to be counted) and the more recent BCTC or KCTCS.
  • I have earned from BCTC or KCTCS at least 12 credit hours numbered 100 level or above since my break in enrollment. I understand this does not include MA 108 or any remedial coursework.
  • I have not earned an Associate's or Bachelor's degree from another college or university.

I am requesting that Bluegrass Community and Technical College use the G.P.A. Recalculation Option on my college coursework for consideration for admission into a selective program.