Late Registration Advising

This form is ONLY for CURRENTLY ENROLLED students who are unable to come to campus.

New, Transfer, and Readmit students are advised by the BCTC Advising Center. Their submissions to this form will be redirected there.

New, Transfer and Readmit students may use the Advising Center Contact Form to request assistance.

All Currently Enrolled are assigned an academic advisor. Advising appointments may be scheduled in Starfish.

Please allows 1-2 working days for a response.

*Advising requests submitted during the BCTC Institutional Closure (12/19 - 1/3) will be answered beginning January 4*

Your Name:
Using your official KCTCS email allows me to verify your identity.
Your Phone Number:
Your Peoplesoft Number: This is the
Educational Goals: Give as much information as you can about what programs you are considering and, if you plan to transfer, where you might go.
Planned Coursework:
Please tell us if you have taken any college classes prior to Fall 2005 or if you have taken college classes at any college/university other than the state's community colleges. Give us as much information as you can, including the name of the college, the semesters you were enrolled, and the name of the courses.
If you know your KYOTE, COMPASS and/or ACT scores for reading, writing and math, please send them to me. If you have never taken the KYOTE, COMPASS or ACT test, please let me know.