Application for Graduation: Associate in Arts/Science

This application is for Associate in Arts/Science only. Please contact your advisor to apply for Associates in Applied Science, Diplomas, or Certificates.

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General Information

This application constitutes a statement of intent by the student to complete the requirements for graduation. Final determination of graduation shall be made by the Registrar who shall certify that the student has

  1. fulfilled all course requirements for the Credential and
  2. attained at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average for an Associate Degree
  3. earned at least 25 percent of the approved curriculum credits at BCTC.
Furthermore, I understand that it is my responsibility to meet the above stated requirements before I may officially graduate from BCTC.

Please proceed to our forms page for further instructions on name, address, and phone number changes. Please make sure your information is up-to-date for graduation.

Graduation Details


Advisor Information

Student Records will keep you updated on the processing of your graduation application via your student e-mail address. Please make sure you student e-mail is entered correctly above and make sure to check your student e-mail account regularly for updates.

Please verify the following:

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