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Please read these instructions before using the Mathematics & Statistics Proctor Scheduling Form:

  • BCTC students or students from other KCTCS colleges who live near a BCTC campus, who are taking a BCTC Mathematics or Statistics course, should use the Mathematics & Statistics Proctor Scheduling Form. Please follow these directions to schedule your appointment:

    1. Select Midterm Exam Proctoring or Final Exam Proctoring below

    2. Log in with your KCTCS username and password

    3. Complete the form to schedule your proctored exam appointment

  • BCTC students, taking a Mathematics or Statistics course through another KCTCS college, should schedule the proctored exam appointment through the BCTC testing center using Appointment Plus. Use this option if you have tried to use the Mathematics & Statistics Proctor Scheduling Form and the name of your instructor is not listed.

  • Students at other KCTCS colleges who do not live near a BCTC campus should contact their college testing center to schedule the proctored exam appointment.

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